INVICTA židinių ugniakurai ir krosnelės

INVICTA stoves

INVICTA, foundry and enamelling plants are established since 1924 in Donchery in the French CHAMPAGNE-ARDENNE region. Today its know-how extends to sectors as different as : wood heating, barbecue, culinary pottery, furniture and decoration.

With an annual output of 170 000 heating appliances, INVICTA is theleader in its activity.

INVICTA controls 100% of the manufacturing process in-house : design and research department, certified test lab, foundry, surface treatment, marketing and distribution.

INVICTA creates and manufactures a large range of wood-stoves to fulfil customers’ expectations. Invicta imagines next generation of stoves to meet tomorrow’s needs and desires.


Nestor Martin židinio ugniakurai ir krosnelės

Nestor Martin’s cast iron is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality. Since the beginnings of our first foundry in 1854, our production process has always been at the avant-garde. Moreover, our cast iron is made with 95% recycled materials, in keeping with our commitment to protect the natural environment.

For over 150 years, Nestor Martin has been the top name for quality and dependability in wood stoves throughout Europe. A long tradition of continued development and innovation has given birth to the world-class Stanford collection. Available in two sizes and outputs, it is the complete answer for a variety of heating needs.

Whether you want to warm up to a roaring fire or relax in front of a calm, slow flame, one simple draft control allows you to adjust the stove’s primary air intake for heat control. An integrated airwash system keeps the glass free of smoke residue so that your view of the fire is never obscured.