Design and installation work carried out by qualified specialists in Lithuania under the existing rules and regulations.
The company has a maintenance service certificates and boiler flue design and development.

Our specialists are always ready to give professional advice on fireplace inserts, stoves and chimney installation issues.
Even more - according to your measurements of the free development of project proposals, which can be fully equipped with a fireplace or a chimney. Well, if you are ready to do its own forces, the optimal complete all of the materials. After all, with quality materials and work will be greatly rewarding, and to all the questions you will receive a course of reliable answers.

- Fireplace;
- Chimneys;
- Heating systems.

- Chimney inserts;
- Double wall insulated chimneys and ventilation ducts;
- Fireplace inserts;
- Fireplace finishes of stone or marble;
- Stoves;
- Solid fuel and gas boilers.